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Alongside our initiatives, we also offer a range of customizable products that help golf shops become more environmentally friendly by reducing single-use materials and non-recyclable waste. 


Our sustainable collection of Fore! The Planet branded golf accessories including caps and towels made from recycled plastics, reusable bottles and bamboo golf tees.

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Sourced, designed and manufactured in the UK using FSC Certified English Ash Wood, our premium bag tags are low carbon footprint and engraved to specification.

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Our custom reusable bottles have a 6-layer insulation allowing refills of hot and cold drinks - a fantastic sustainable gift or purchase for members and visitors of your club.

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Made from 100% recycled aluminium, Re:Water is filled with 500ml of British Spring Water and acts as a perfect refillable bottle on the golf course. Bespoke labelled bottles available.


We only get a handful of decades on earth, I'd rather spend that time doing good than perpetuating bad.

Tim Silverwood

Bird-Eye View Of Golf Course
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