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We aim to improve golf's carbon footprint by creating solutions that reduce waste, save energy and make the game of golf more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Fore! The Planet creates profitable, experience enhancing initiatives, helping golf clubs become more sustainable by offering water refill stations, recycling units and reusable bottles.


In partnership with leading American-based drinking water experts - ELKAY - we are delighted to bring some of the world's greatest water refill solutions to the golf industry in the UK.

All of the outdoor ELKAY refill stations are manufactured in the USA using only 316 marine grade stainless steel, the toughest available material to withstand the elements on the course.

In turn, all of our units are fitted with push-button 500ml actuation systems and can be branded in any colour with the crest of your golf club or the logo of a corporate partner to raise awareness.


As well as our water refill stations, we have been working with industry experts to co-design a bespoke recycling solution for the golf course. 

Manufactured in the UK using recycled stainless steel, our recycling stations can also be designed in a bespoke colour and incorporate the use of a club crest or sponsors logo.


Our units are available in 2, 3 and 4 way streams to meet the needs of every golf facility and can also be designed with customisable headers to improve education on recycling.


Alongside our water refill stations we are offering golf clubs the opportunity to provide affordable, reusable bottles for members and visitors of their golf clubs and resorts.

Our 500ml reusable bottles are manufactured using a 6-piece stainless steel construction and can be branded in any colour with a club logo.


They have been carefully designed by experts with golf in mind and can retain hot drinks for 12 hours and cold drinks for over 24 hours as well as being 100% BPA and plastic free.



It cannot be right to manufacture billions of objects that are used for a matter of minutes, and then are with us for centuries.

Roz Savage


Find out how your golf club can raise funds to finance a sustainable FTP project, including ideas for golf resorts and sponsorship.



Find out how you can provide your golf club members with a branded reusable bottle at cost price when purchasing a water refill station.



Our company helps tackle the planet's environmental issues by planting one tree for every product sold and partnering with 1% For The Planet. 

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