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Alongside our club initiatives, we also offer a range of sustainable brands to help golf shops become more environmentally friendly by reducing single-use materials and non-recyclable waste. 

We distribute our own-brand range of stylish, eco-friendly golf shop products, as well as REFLO (apparel) and Re:Water (bottled water). 


A sustainable collection of golf accessories for the modern golfer, including caps, towels, reusable bottles and bamboo golf tees.

We will plant one tree for every FTP product sold to help reduce CO2 from the atmosphere and help reverse climate change.

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REFLO - sustainable golf apparel made from recycled plastic waste. An uncompromising vision to lead with style, promote active regeneration, believe in less and innovate for good.


The REFLO range offers quality performance and design with sustainability at the core. 


The world's first 100% recycled aluminium Spring Water bottle. Re:Water come filled with pure British Spring Water, bottled at source on protected land in the UK.

The alumimium bottle keeps water cooler and can be refilled, reused and then recycled.



We only get a handful of decades on earth, I'd rather spend that time doing good than perpetuating bad.

Tim Silverwood

Bird-Eye View Of Golf Course
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